About Us

What is Smartbuild all about ?

Smartbuild is a platform where  contractors can bid for construction and building jobs.It makes it easy for homeowners or those who want to be build to get qualified and skilled contractors for their projects. The idea of Smartbuild was birthed after interacting with a lot of people who narrated how the process of building was hectic and stessful. The most unfotunate  people actualy engaged non qualified people who messed up their houses. This resulted in problems where structures have been condemned by inspectors. 

A group of innovative young people sat down and came up with the idea of Smartbuild in early 2020 to make the process of building a lot easier as Smartbuild will do much of the hardwork to ensure clients get qualified people for their projects

How it works ?

Smartbuild works in a very simple yet effective way. Contractors and artisans in the building sector register their accounts freely, fill out their profile, explaining all the services they offer, the time period they have been offering the services. They also upload portfolio images of some of the work they have done. After that, they undergo vetting and verification. For companies, they submit company profiles, tax clearance and 5 projects they have done before. Smartbuild will verify everything and once satisfied the contractor will have a verified status. For Individuals, they submit a trade certificate,a practicing licence, if applicable and atleast 5 projects they have done before and a smiliar vetting process is carried out. In all instances the vetting process will include visit atleast to project sites. Failure to be veirifed after 4 months from registration date, accounts will be deleted.

Clients requiring such services will also create accounts and they post their projects, contractors will respond and send their proposals and quoatations. client will select the winner basing on price charged, project portifolios and reviews from previous users. When a contractor wins a project, he will pay Smartbuild a commision that is between 3 and 8% of the labour cost depending on the category. You can watch the videos below on how to post a project and how to bid for a project.

For any suggestions, feedback or contributions feel free to contact us. Contractors and clients you can also get in touch with us ;


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