Building Project Management

This service will be dedicated to all those not residing in Zimbabwe but who may want to build a property, whether a house, flats or a commercial building.

Our Services will include

  • Managing the contractor(s) doing the job,
  • Ensuring that they do a good work with acceptable quality
  • Ensuring efficient material usage,
  • Managing the project budget
  • Managing project timelines,
  • Ensuring that all the needed materials are secured in time
  • Material purchasing and transportation to site
  • Ensuring that all stages reached are inspected,
  • updating the house owner of all the progress

Building Project Management is a service offered by Smartbuild where they manage building projects for people residing outside the country. After several stories in which many people who had been outside the country entrusted friends and relatives to oversee their projects and ended up losing the money as it was diverted for personal use. This service will solve that problem. Smartbuild Projects Management team is lead by a practicing engineer with vast experience in Building and Mechanical Engineering Projects.

The service is offered in two packages :

Basic Package $129 once off (Promotional offer )

  • Smartbuild assist client/homeowner to select the suitable contractors for their building project. The client will post their project on Smartbuild and contractors respond, client select suitable Contractor. Alternatively, Smartbuild can select suitable contractor on behalf of client
  • Smartbuild to manage the contractor and supervise the works.
  • All Material requirements to be provided in advance by contractor and communicated to client
  • Smartbuild will ensure efficient material usage by the contractor.
  • Smartbuild to update client on the progress
  • Upon completion of each stage and after it has been inspected and approved, Smartbuild will then advise the client to release payment direct to the contractor.

Proffesional Package 5% project cost

All items under the basic are included and the following additional services are part of the premium package

  • Smartbuild generates a Project Plan which will break down the project into stages or milestones. The project plan will also include expected dates where each stage will be completed. For each stage a bill of Materials is generated which shows material requirement for each stage. The labour cost will be broken down for each stage.
  • Smartbuild will communicate the material schedules  in advance to client, source quotations from reliable suppliers for material for each stage.
  • The client upon receiving quotations of material from Smartbuild, the client will make payments directly to material suppliers and Smartbuild will then make sure the material is transported to site, stored safely and used efficiently by the contractor, monitoring daily usage.
  • Upon completion of each stage and after it has been inspected and approved, Smartbuild will then advise the client to release payment direct to the contractor.
  • Client will pay the contractor directly for labour and pay directly to suppliers for the building material, that way the client is in control of their project.
  • Client will be given access to a project dashboard where they will get updates, access the project schedule, material requirements and any other project documents will be available within the project dashboard.
  • Frequency of onsite Real time project updates will be done as agreed between client and Smartbuild.
  • Project fee is US$129 plus 5% of total project cost. (Material &labour). The US$129 to be paid as soon client signs up for the service. This commission 5% to be paid every stage once that stage is completed and approved.                  
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